Dec. 15 – Dr. Gu was selected as a BMES 2015 Young Innovator of Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering (CMBE). Congratulations!


Dec. 15 – BHEL's 2nd Annual Research Awards were given to Jicheng Yu (1st Place) and Wujin Sun (2nd Place); 2nd Annual Presentation Awards were given to Yanqi Ye (1st Place) and Dennis Pacardo(2nd Place). All members did great job, but only 4 certificates were prepared…Congratulations!!! Again, we also greatly appreciate our Committee Chair-Dr. Fran Ligler's support!

Nov. 18 – Dr. Gu was invited to give a talk on “Programmable Nanomedicine" in the Chemistry Department of University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Nov. 12 – Tianyue and Ryan's work using graphene as a carrier for furin-mediated sequential delivery of TRAIL and Dox has been accepted by Advanced Materials! Congratulations!!!

Nov. 11 – Jin has been selected as a winner of 2015 UNC Chapel Hill Graduate Students IMPACT Award! This esteemed award is given to graduate students whose discoveries are making a difference. Jin's work on “ultrasound-mediated insulin delivery" has attracted extensive attentions. See 2014's winners: http://gradschool.unc.edu/news/2014/impactawards.html. Congratulations Jin!!!

Nov. 10 – Our “Nanodaisy" for combination cancer therapy has been highlighted as the headline of NC State's homepage.

Oct. 30 – Daisy and Jack's review paper on “Glucose-Responsive Insulin Delivery" has been accepted by Progress in Chemistry! Congratulations!!!

Oct. 16 – Dr. Gu gave a talk for ADA's donation event. Our research story on “Glucose-Responsive Insulin Delivery" has been highlighted on the homepage of HigherEducationWorks.

Oct. 15 – Wujin's review paper on “Advances in Anticancer Protein Delivery Using Micro-Nanoparticles" has been published on Particle! Congratulations!!!

Oct. 15 – Wanyi's work on “Glucose-Responsive Synthetic Vesicles for Insulin Delivery" has been published on Biomacromolecules and listed as a most-accessed article! Congratulations!!!

Oct. 13 – Wujin's work on “Cocoon-Like Self-Degradable DNA-Nanoclew for Anticancer Drug Delivery" has been published on JACS and received many attentions! Congratulations!!!

Oct. 10 – Yue's work on “Self-Folded Redox/pH Dual-Responsive Nanocarriers for Anticancer Drug Delivery" has been published on Chemical Communications! Congratulations!!!

Sep. 26 – Yanqi won the BEST Oral Presentaion Award in this year's joint BME Department Retreat! Congratulations Yanqi!!! We are so proud of you!

Sep. 23 – Quanyin's review paper on “Enzyme-Responsive Nanomaterials for Controlled Drug Delivery" has been published on Nanoscale! Congratulations!!!

Sep. 15 – Yue and Wujin's review paper on “Stimuli-Responsive Therapeutic Protein Delivery" has been published on Journal of Controlled Release! Congratulations!!!

Sep. 15 – Dr. Ran Mo has obtained a full professor position in the China Pharmaceutical University. Congratulations Ran!!! We will miss you!

Sep. 14 – Dr. Gu was invited to give an oral presentation at the 249th American Chemical Society National Meeting.

Sep. 8 – Dr. Gu was invited to give a talk on “Glucose-Responsive Insulin" in Sanofi at Frankfurt.

Aug. 25 – Mr. Chip DeWitt (Director of American Diabetes Association (ADA))Mr. Jim Straight (Raleigh Director of ADA)Mr. Dave Rechet (Chairman of ADA Raleigh Board), Ms. Robin Diehl (NC State's Director of Finance and Administration) visited BHEL!

Aug. 8 – Quanyin, Jicheng and Yuqi joined the BHEL! Welcome on board!!!

Aug. 4 – Our 2014 Summer Camp was successfully closed! We are very proud of our talented camp members!!! Also many thanks for our wonderful mentors: Dennis, Jin and Yue and members in Dr. Xiaoning Jiang's lab!!!

Jul. 20 – Wanyi's “NanoDaisy" published by Biomaterials has received many attentions! Read more…

Jul. 18 – Dr. Gu delivered invited talks in multiple institutes in China, including Tsinghua University, Nanjing University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Nanjing Tech University, Nanjing Medical University, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS and National Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. It was terrific meeting many friends there and many thanks for their host!

Jun. 16 – Gu Lab first Summer Camp for high school students opens!!!

May 12 – Ran's study on liposomal fusion based stimuli-responsive drug delivery system has been published by Angewandte Chemie and received many attentions!! Read more…

May 9 – Wanyi's studies using novel block copolymers for cancer and diabetes treatment have been accepted by Biomaterials and Biomacromolecules! Congratulations!!!

May 8 – Rocco successfully passed his defense! Congratulations Rocco!!!

May 6  Dr. Gu was invited to be an Editorial Board Member of “Scientific Reports“.

Apr. 14  Dr. Gu has received the “Young Faculty Research Award" from the Sigma Xi Chapter of the Scientific Research Society at NC State. Congratulations!

Apr. 8 – Yanqi joined the BHEL! Welcome on board!

Mar. 27 – Dr. Gu was interviewd by “Bioconjugate Chemistry“. Read more…

Mar. 25 – Dr. Gu was selected to co-organize a Symposium on “Nanomaterials in Translational Medicine" for the MRS Spring 2015, together with Dr. Samir Mitragotri and Dr. Chenjie Xu.

Mar. 24 – Dr. Gu was interviewed by WNCT for research stories of the ultrasound-mediated insulin delivery (Jin's work) and ATP-triggered anticancer drug delivery (Ran's work).

Mar. 22 – Ran's work published on Nature Communicatons has been highlighted as a headline news of Nature's homepage and featured by many media!

Mar. 22 – BHEL joined the Open House Day of COE. Thanks AdrianoJin and Rocco!

Mar. 20 – Dr. Gu was invited to give a talk on “smart drug delivery" in “RTP 180°”, which features speakers from the universities, RTP companies and community.

Mar. 10 – Ran and Tianyue's paper has been accepted by Angewandte Chemie International Edition! Congratulations Ran and Tianyue!!

Mar. 5 – Jin won the BEST Oral Presentation Award of the UNC University Graduate Research Day. Congratulations Jin!!

Mar. 1 – Dr. Gu was invited to write a Review Article on for Nanoscale.

Feb. 21 – Jin has received a student travel award for the 2014 International Society for Therapeutic Ultrasound (ISTU) Conference! She will present her work on “Focused-Ultrasond-Triggered Insulin Delivery". Congratulations Jin!!

Feb. 6 – Dr. Gu was invited as a guest of Ms. Joni Aldrich for her esteemed international radio shows on cancer treatment.

Feb. 1 – Dr. Gu was invited to write an Editorial Article on “How Recent Progress in Multiple-Drug Delivery to Cancer Cells by Loposomes" for Nanomedicine.

Jan. 31 – Ran's paper has been accepted by Nature Communications! It will also be highlighted by the Nature's website! Congratulations Ran!!

Jan. 31 – Dr. Gu received the “Junior Faculty Award" from the American Diabetes Association (ADA)! Congratulations! Thanks so much for ADA's GREAT support!

Jan. 27 – Rocco was selected to present his exciting work on NC State's 2014 Graduate Student Research Symposium. Congratulations!

Jan. 18 – Dr. Gu was interviewed by Materials Today, talking about “programmed targeting delivery" of anticancer drugs. Listen now…

Jan. 18 – Our research on “nanotechnology based insulin delivery" was featured by The Guardian.

Jan. 8 – Dr. Gu introduced his work about “organic material promises fewer insulin shorts", taken by AIP-Inside Scienct TV. See more…

   Jan. 2 – Tianyue and Ran's “Gelipo" has been published by Advanced Functional Materials! Congratulations! A gel-liposome (Gelipo)-mediated “Sequential and Site-Specific Delivery (SSSD)" system has been developed for programmed co-delivery of two anticancer therapeutics. Read more…The work has been featured by Molecular PharmaceuticsMaterials TodayMaterials ViewScience Daily, Kurzweilai,“Wiki"-Nanomedicine, News Observer, FierceDrugDeliveryTriangle Business Journal.